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What is the purpose of Rotating Websites?

Rotating Websites is part of an online advertising network mainly run by our customers which offers cheap and afforadable website advertising to everyone. Our goal here at Rotating Websites is to help you succeed with your online business by providing various advertising solutions to you and helping you to receive more website traffic, website sales and overall signups.

We want you to be happy and succeed online because when you are happy we are happy.

Join Rotating Websites Today

Your website is advertised on multiple high traffic websites, manual surf traffic exchanges, ptc sites, revenue sharing sites, network exchanges & social media traffic.
It is advertised via the rotator system.
We offer advertising via our full page link rotator, login ads, 468x60 and 125x125 banner ads.
460x60 and 125x125 banner ads are shown on our publishers own websites throughout the network. websites only.
The answer is simply NO.
Websites must not contain frame-breakers, gambling, adult, warez and illegal or hate content.
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, iTunes, eBay and Amazon websites will not work in our rotator
Yes our system updates and records all traffic and clicks in real time and you can view your campaign statistics in your customer control panel.
Yes you may have 1 pop up on your website and it must not force a redirect to another web page.
We do not allow shortened or tracking URL's as most of the manual surf traffic exchanges we use do not allow them.
As this is a rotator service the amount of visitors you will receive daily will vary from day to day.
We only suspend accounts if you are in breach of our terms of service or if you have opened a dispute with PayPal. (If you have opened a dispute with PayPal your account will not be re-activated)
Campaigns are approved automatically & checked by the Rotating Websites admin.
The Rotating Websites publisher program allows you to earn cash which is automatically transferred to your purchase balance which can then be used to purchase advertising through our network.
At the moment we do not offer this feature as we do not want to encourage fraudulent users providing fraudulent traffic therefore all publisher earnings are automatically transferred to your purchase balance.
Once you have created and activated your campaign the URL can not be changed.
Yes our traffic will show on Google Analytics, because your traffic is shown using our rotator all traffic will show as coming from
Currently Rotating Websites accepts PayPal & Bitcoin payments for your advertising.
No we do not. If your campaign is found to be redirecting to another website your campaign will be stopped and you will lose any remaining credits left on that campaign.
Because we advertise on manual surf traffic exchanges, paid to click and revenue sharing website our traffic is NOT ADSENSE SAFE as it is against AdSense policies to advertise on these sorts of websites.
We do not guarantee sales or signups as we can not control visitor actions.
Because we show websites within an iframe analytics sometimes do not pick the visit up. Our system records all visits in real time and only registers a visit once your website has fully loaded within the rotator.
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